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History Harvest and Teach-In Focuses on Immigrants and Refugees

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The Department of History is pleased to announce a History Harvest event this Thursday, February 2,  focused on UL Stories of Immigration. We're ready to show support for our Muslim and Latino students and help tell the diverse story of our student body!

Students are encouraged to share their personal or family stories of migration. Members of the History Department will be collecting these oral histories, and with student permission, will share them on our departmental blog. Students who wish to remain anonymous use a pseudonym are welcome to share their stories as well! 

Following the History Harvest will be a History Teach-In entitled, "When America Closed the Golden Door: From Chinese Exclusion to the Holocaust," by Dr. Richard Frankel followed by a Q&A session. 


History Harvest                                                   Teach-In

When: 2-4:30 pm                                                  When: 6:00 pm 

Where: in front of Dupre Library                         Where: Gaines Center, 3rd floor, Dupre Library