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Master's in History

The master's in history at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette is designed to prepare students to enter a variety of fields including archival and museum work, government policy and research positions, publishing, teaching, and Ph.D. programs.

In the master's in history program, we offer concentrations in four fields: European history, Latin American history, public history, and United States history—as well as both thesis and non-thesis options. Our MA in History students have the opportunity to participate in a range of extracurricular and curriculum-based projects, including Museum on the Move, History Harvest, and more.

Admission to the MA in History program is based on the following academic components:

  • Official transcript(s) from an accredited college or university that has awarded the student a baccalaureate degree
  • Completion of at least twenty-one hours of history courses as an undergraduate is required
  • Letters of recommendation from three individuals familiar with the applicant’s academic work or other experience related to academic training
  • A writing sample reflective of academic study, generally a research paper of 8-12 pages in length
  • A brief statement of purpose that describes the applicant’s research interests and career plans

For more information, contact graduate coordinator Dr. Richard Frankel,