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Dr. Michael S. Martin

Michael S. Martin is professor of history and interim department head of History, Geography, and Philosophy at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. He holds both the Cheryl Courrégé Burguières and the Senator Edgar "Sonny" Mouton Board of Regents professorships. His research and teaching interests focus on Louisiana history, public history, and the history of the U.S. South. He is a contributing faculty member of the Guilbeau Center for Public History and an affiliated faculty member of the Kathleen Babineaux Blanco Center for Public Policy. Martin's  publications include Firsthand Louisiana: Primary Sources in the History of the State (as co-editor, 2020), Rethinking New Acadia: Recent Essays on the Acadian Dispersal and Arrival in Louisiana (as editor, 2019); The Louisiana Experience (as co-author, 2017), Shackles of Memory: Creolization in the French Americas (as co-editor, 2015); Russell Long: A Life in Politics (2014), Louisiana Legacies: Readings in the History of the Pelican State (as co-editor, 2013), Louisiana Beyond Black and White: Recent Interpretations of Twentieth-Century Race and Race Relations (as editor, 2011) and Historic Lafayette (2007). He serves as managing editor of the quarterly journal Louisiana History, the state's historical journal, and he is a fellow of the Louisiana Historical Association.